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Ride Info

Inaugural Season:1991         

Track Length:5,427 feet

Lift Height:161 feet

Vertical Drop:155 

Angle of Drop:52 


Designer:Curtis D. Summers

Builder:Dinn Corp.

Type: Wood

Speed: 65 


Riders Per Hour:1,600

Price to Build:7.5 million

People Per Train:28


Track Type:Wood

Height to Ride:48 inches


Mean Streak  

One Mean Ride!

     In 1991 Cedar Point built the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster and they decided to call it Mean Streak. Mean Streak is perhaps one on the most beautiful coasters during the day and at night. The ride itself is far from beautiful. Like the name says, this coaster is surely "mean". The coaster layout is different than most coaster layouts. It is a huge wooden twister. The layout is packed with tight turns and quick drops. Mean Streak is even better at night. By night the track is slick, making it a faster ride. Not to mention the coaster is lit beautifully at night.

       Over the years Cedar Point has tried to smooth out Mean Streak. They reprofiled and added brakes to the first drop. The brakes slow the ride. Almost every year Mean Streak is retracked(wood is replaced). Also Mean Streak has a full time carpentry staff. Every morning that the park is open, the carpenters walk the ride and fix anything that needs to be repaired.


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