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         November 20,2001 will be known as the day, Cedar Point went "Twisted" since they announced that for 2002 they are building Wicked Twister, a wicked roller coaster, and adding a Peanuts Ice Show. Experience The Point is proud to say, we have full coverage of the 2002 news.
     The official prices for the 2002 season have just been released. To view them along with a "price calculator", visit the ticket page.  
      For information on the new-for-2002 roller coaster, Wicked Twister, view it's page.

Construction Work Photos

Construction Timeline 

4/2 - Slow Test Run

3/21 - Train put on track. 

3/15 -Ride is "powered" for first time.

2/6 - Front Tower topped.

2/4 - Station roof starts to go up.

1/3 - Reverse tower starts to raise.

1/2 - Crane arrives at site.

12/19 - First piece of track is erected. 

12/15 - First piece of steel is erected. 

11/20 - Cedar Point announces Wicked Twister and other 2002 plans. 

10/28 - Cedar Point closes for the season, work continues on footers. 

10/19 - Parts of Oceana and Aquarium are razed, while concrete footers are in the beach.

10/15 - Prep work on removing Oceana starts.

10/12 - No progress made on "unusual" work.

10/5 - "Unusual" work starts by Oceana

9/27 - Cedar Point filled for building permits.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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