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Wicked Twister
          Wicked Twister, a wicked impulse roller coaster, will begin to start twisting guests in May 2002. But what is a impulse roller coaster you ask? A impulse roller coaster is a new type of roller coaster in the industry. Below is a description of what will be a wicked ride aboard Wicked Twister.
           Riders aboard Wicked Twister will board a car that is suspended below the track, in which their feet will dangle freely. Once the ride starts, the train will be launched forward from 0-50 mph in 2.2 seconds! Following the launch the train will turn 90 degree upward and head up into the sky on the forward spike. The first time going up the forward spike, the train will only go about halfway up before stalling and coasting back into the station. When the train enters the station it will be shoot backwards at 63 mph and head backwards into the sky. While heading into the sky backwards the train will be twisted 450 degrees on the backwards spike. The train will only have enough power to go about 3/4 of the way up before stalling and coasting back into the station/launch area. This time upon entering the station/launch area the train will be blasted forward at 69 mph. The train will head up the forward spike, and will be twisted 450 degrees. Upon stalling at the time, the train will twist back down and enter the station/launch area and will be rocketed backwards again but at 72 mph. Once again the train will be twisted 450 degrees on the back tower, before stalling and returning to the station/launch area to be blasted for the last time at 62 mph. This time the train will only make it halfway up the forward spike before stalling and returning to the station, where the ride will be brought to a smooth, final stop.

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season: 2002
Track Length: 2,700 Ft
Tower Height: 215 Ft
Vertical Drop: 206 ft
Angle of Drop: 90 degrees
Trains: 1
Designer: Intamin AG
Speed: 72 mph
Riders Per Hour: 1,000
Price to Build: 9 million
People Per Train: 32
Twist: 450 Degrees
Height to Ride: 52 inches

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