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About the Webmaster

           Experience The Point was created out of my passion for the park, After toying around with a few web programs in school, I decided I would create a website about the place I enjoy most- Cedar Point. The site was launched in April of 2001. I started the site with one goal in mind – share as much information about the park but do it in a fun manor. You won’t find any information or photos only scientists could understand or the fancy financial figures of the park – I like to keep things simple and again FUN. The site features no ads (remember I have a simple goal about keepings things fun – well ads are far from fun!). I pay for the site out of my pocket because just like how one may pay money to go to say concerts, I don’t mind paying money to bring two of my hobbies – web design and Cedar Point together.

Over the years Experience The Point has grown from a small website with under 20 pages, to the large library of pictures, news, and fun facts that its is today. I am also proud to say the site has been called the “Best Guide to Cedar Point” by the Detroit Free Press and received high praise from other media outlets across the country.

I grew up and currently live in the suburbs of Detroit. I am the author of the book “Experience the Point: The Unofficial Guidebook to Cedar Point.” I also enjoy not just Cedar Point’s roller coasters, but roller coasters in general. I am a member of the Great Ohio Coaster Club where I serve as the editor of the club’s newsletter.

Just for fun… my favorite roller coasters are Magnum, followed shortly by Millennium Force and Dueling Dragons (located at Islands of Adventure in Florida). I usually make the 2-hour trip to Cedar Point 5 or so times a year.

                                 Andrew Hyde 

Webmaster/Author of Experience The Point

You can reach Andrew at:
or by writing

Just in case you were wondering... 

        Experience The Point is hosted by Crystal Tech. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a web-host.

To build the site I mainly use notepad. The foundation of the site was coded in notepad and over time has been updated in programs such as Microsoft’s Front Page(but still I prefer Notepad over any of the fancy gizmos, they never do what I wan them to do… or maybe I’m just not good with computers!).

Picture wise I keep it simple. I use an Olympus digital camera, and use very few photo editing programs (usually just the run-of-the-mill ones that come with a computer). Some older photos and miscellaneous things were scanned in via a HP scanner.


Terms of Service and Copyright Notice

Everything on the site is checked and double checked to mare sure it is true and accurate in everyway. We cannot guarantee any of the information. We will not be held liable for any problems caused by the information on this site. Please do not use any photos without our permission. Feel free to email us and ask, we always love to help and chances are we’ll let you use the,(we just like to know who is using what!). Experience the Point is no way affiliated with Cedar Point or Cedar Fair in any way, shape, or form. 

Cedar Point is a trademark of Cedar Fair, L.P.  Certain ride names and logos are copyright, 2002, by Cedar Fair. Experience the Point is copyrighted 2005 by Andrew Hyde.

Media Information

Website Background:

 Experience The Point.Com is the web’s most complete guide to Cedar Point. With over 750 pages jammed packed with information and 1000+ pictures, Experience The Point receives over 4,500 visitors daily. Since its launch date, April 3 2001, Experience The Point has been delivering to thousands of visitors everyday more of want they wanted –  Cedar Point information. With unique features such as the Crowd Calendar, Personal Point, and “How to Make a Blue Streak Cake”, Experience The Point is the premier Cedar Point website.  

More information is available upon request along with a press kit. The webmaster, Andrew Hyde, is available for interviews. 

Use the Media Contact Page to contact us.

Or write us at:

Experience The Point

P.O. Box 180065

Utica MI., 48318-0065

Also Andrew is very knowledgeable in the field of roller coasters, amusement parks, and Cedar Point, so don't hesitate to ask him  questions. http://www.experiencethepoint.com

 All text/images are copyrighted  2005?by Andrew Hyde
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