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 Ticket Prices

     To help calculate the cost of the many different ticket options... we have a Price Calculator to help you. Simply just enter how many ticket and hit "Calculate" at the bottom and we will do the rest.

Price Calculator                       

HalloWeekends Friday Fright nights
 Limited ride availability. Some coasters and Camp Spooky closed.
HalloWeekends Saturdays and Sundays
Regular (which is consider top be people over 48 inches tall and under 60 years of age) admission for Saturdays or Sundays.
HalloWeekends Saturdays and Sundays Ride & Ride Again
 Regular admission for two days.


Age 2 and older, under 48" tall in shoes. Children  under 2 are free.
Junior Ride & Ride Again
Junior admission for two days.


Ages 60 and older.
Senior Ride & Ride Again
Age 60 and older, admission for two days.


After 5 PM on Friday or Saturday nights
After 4 PM on Sundays


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