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                Toxic Tunnel of Terror
       A haunted house located in the picnic pavilion near the front of the park that visits the world of toxic chemicals and the horrible inhabitants who want you to stay.... Not for small children

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                Undertaker U
       Undertaker U  is located in the carousel pavilion near Wave Swinger (by Frontier Town). Undertaker U gives all people who are brave enough to enter to graduate from the "School of Mortuary Science" with a major in screaming...  Not for small children

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                Pharaoh's Secret - In 3D
       Pharaoh's Secret explores the many terrible secrets of a pyramid. Located inside the Disaster Transport  building. Get ready to get scared in a new dimension - 3D! Not for small children

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                Fright Zone
       Every Friday and Saturday night from 8 P.M. to 12 Midnight (closing) the Frontier Trail is transformed into the ultimate fright zone. From spooky stories to scary monsters... the Frontier Trail is the place to be Friday and Saturday nights if you want to be spooked. Watch out for the Cedar Point "Screamsters" you never know where they will be lurking.

- At the Tenderfoot Pass side (the south end) of the Fright Zone a man will be warning you of the dangers inside the 'zone'. But you may not even hear him if your to busy wondering why he has no legs.

- On the north end of the 'zone', a big skull will set the tone (and warn you) of the Fright Zone ahead.

The Fright Zone is NOT for small children
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                The Magical House on Boo Hill
       A  haunted house for the kids that is guaranteed to provide laughs and not frights. Located in Dodgems across from Coasters' Dinner, children will enjoy this walk through fun house. It brings back memories of the old style fun houses from many years back.

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                Camp Spooky
       Snoopy and his gang get in the Halloween spirit by turning Camp Snoopy into Camp Spooky. From decorations to costume contests... kids will love Camp Spooky. Not to mention that Snoopy and his gang are all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Also, in the Camp Spooky theatre there are several shows to entertain the young ones.


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              Peanut's Show & Costume Contests:

3 PM for Pre-schoolers*
3:45 PM for grade-schoolers* 

* Costume contests are reserved for children under 54' inches. Anyone else, can not wear any costumes or masks at HalloWeekends.

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             Aaron Radatz -Magic Show
       BBack-again, world-wide known master illusionist, Aaron Radatz, will amaze guests during his 25 minute  award-winning magic show. Located in the Centennial Theatre near the front of the park. This year's show will feature some new tricks mixed in with some old favorites. 

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                Monsters Rocks!
Get rocking, with your favorite tunes, at the Red Garter Saloon,  visit the show page for more details. And beware, you may rock right into the Twilight Zone...

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                Midway Monsters
Lurking amidst the front gate of the park, are monsters with names such as Grim Reaper, Cyclops, Big Foot, and more - but when you meet this monsters you'll see they at the park having fun too!

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                Chris Linn's Magicomedy
Chris Linn, a magician with a comic tone, will appear. Experience The Point has seen his show several times throughout the years, and highly recommends watching his shows, which will last 15 minutes and takes place in Palace Theatre.

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                Dj Zombo
   Dj Zombo will be spinning all your favorite "spooky" tunes above the main arcade. You never k now when some monstrous friends may show up to do the 'Monster Mash' with you.

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                The Witches Of Witch Hallow
   Witches like to shop too! The Cedar Point witches will sing songs,  cast spells and take children on a magical shopping trip  - all at the gazebo in the middle of Peanuts Playground0. 20 minutes  

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                King Dapper Combo
   This  ghoulish dance party, ever Friday night from 8:30 and 9:30 under the big screen (near Iron Dragon, which will be playing your favorites swinging monstrous rock n' roll songs from the 50's and 60's.

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                Gypsy Fortune Tellers
Join a cast of gypsies as they sing songs and tell tales from their gypsy life from their camp located in the Blue Streak courtyard. You may even get a chance to ask a crystal ball, and if you do, how about you ask what Cedar Point is getting in 2004 - Cedar Point won't say, but you never know what they'll say...!

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                A Tale Of Terror
The classic suspense thrill, " The Telltale Heart," by legendary author Edgar Allen Poe, is retold at the Glass Blowers Arena by David Gilmore. The story is about a man who murders another man, and gets his heart goes crazy when the police show up... 15 minutes long.

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 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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