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Story of Werewolf Canyon - official press release

SANDUSKY, Ohio, Sept. 3, 2003 - Cedar Point is one of the oldest amusement park/resorts in the world and has been home to some of the wildest roller coasters and live entertainment around. That's right, "wild" live entertainment. For those of you who don't remember, Cedar Point is home to a wildlife refuge. Located in the back of the park, Werewolf Canyon is a refuge for wolves and various wildlife that have strayed into populated areas of the country. The following is the story behind Werewolf Canyon - Cedar Point's Wildlife Reserve and the NEWEST attraction at HalloWeekends.

(Warning: The following is very scary and completely fictitious.)

In the summer of 1976, Cedar Point debuted Werewolf Canyon. Now remember, Cedar Point wasn't in the habit of building the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the universe yet, so Werewolf Canyon was something that guests would flock to the park to see. The wildlife refuge features a canyon, which resembles wolves natural habitat, and cages for the wolves at night. Guests who visit Werewolf Canyon during the day can watch the wolves from the safety of the midway and view their empty cages. However, during the evening when the wolves are returned to their cages, guests can tour the canyon and view their habitat up close and personal. The habitat has gone almost completely unnoticed, that is, until Timber came to the refuge.
Earlier this year, park officials were notified of a wolf named Timber that was captured in northern Wisconsin. Timber was a vicious wolf that had been responsible for the eradication of six entire herds of livestock. When Timber was examined, scientists discovered traces of human DNA is his blood stream. Meaning yes, you guessed it, actual proof of the first live werewolf! 

Timber was introduced into the pack at Cedar Point to see how he would interact with the other wolves. Almost immediately the other wolves began to get more aggressive, even fighting with each other and the refuge's keepers. Since it was obvious that Timber was instigating the aggressive behavior in the other wolves, he was removed from the refuge and placed in a cage in the keeper's office. Guests who visit Cedar Point during the park's annual HalloWeekends event can take the guided tour of Werewolf Canyon, and, if lucky, can even catch a glimpse of Timber in his cage.

Three caretakers are in charge of Werewolf Canyon. One of the caretakers greets guests as they arrive at the canyon, a second watches over the wolves in their cages at night, while the third is in charge of the tours through the canyon.

"I highly recommend to anyone who comes to HalloWeekends that they check out Werewolf Canyon," quipped Lance Heal, one of the three caretakers at the refuge. "But I have to warn you, Timber does not like to be caged up. We have taken every precaution to keep him locked up, but "

Reservations are not required. Guests with no fear can visit Werewolf Canyon at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends this fall. Werewolf Canyon is located along the Frontier Trail at Cedar Point. Guided tours are available Friday night from 8-11 p.m. and Saturday night from 8 p.m. to midnight. (Due to the intensity of the scares in Werewolf Canyon, guests must be at least 54 inches tall to enter.)

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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