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Snake River Falls
          If you like water, and like to get VERY WET Snake River Falls is for you. You are guaranteed to get completely soaked. The ride starts by climbing up the 82 foot high lift. When the boats crests the top of the lift it slowly starts to float in water. It goes around a 180 degree turn before the drop. The drop offers a head chopping effect since the drop goes under the lift hill. When the boat hits the water at the bottom of the drop, the boat creates a powerful wall of water. It is so powerful that people on the bridge get pushed back. Following the drop the boat makes a 180 degree turn before entering the station. Once you exit you have to cross the bridge that is over the bottom of the big drop.

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season:1993
Price to Build:3.5 million
People Per Boat:20
Lift Height:82 feet
Angle of Drop:???
Designer:Arrow Dynamics
Height to Ride:48 inches

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