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Power Tower
           What do you get when you mix some compressed air and some steel??? You get one of the scariest rides in the world... Power Tower.

      It all started with a man named Stan Checketts - a speed demon by nature. One day he just got an idea to "throw" people up in the air. That day the Space Shot was born. A few years later he had an idea like the Space Shot, except it would "throw " riders toward earth. The Turbo Drop was born.

      Power Tower features two Space Shot towers and two Turbo Drop towers. The Turbo Drop towers take riders up slowly, stop at the top, and then drop them back to earth. The Space Shot towers blast riders straight up and then bounce them back down to earth.

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season:1998
Tower Height:300 ft
Ride Height:240 ft
Designer: S&S Power
Type: Combo Freefall tower
Speed:50 mph
Time:45 secs.
Riders Per Hour:1,700
People Per Vehicle:12
Height to Ride:52 inches


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