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Millennium Force
           On July 22, 1999 Cedar Point told the world they were going to build a roller coaster defeats gravity like no other... A gigantic roller coaster simply known as Millennium Force.
         When world found out about a coaster with such earth and gravity shattering statistic, people just sat there with their jaws wide open.  Some thought Cedar Point was crazy for making a coaster so high, others waited and waited for opening day to come. 

       Millennium Force
is not your average ride, Millennium Force is a machine that transports 36 passengers into the new space time continual and beyond. The 310 foot first hill looms over Cedar Point, Sandusky, and Ohio! The first hill is so monstrous that if you are within ten miles of the park you can see it. The ride up the hill is a whole ride in itself. Before the train is even out of the station it is already going over 10 mph. You climb the 310 foot mountain is less than 30 seconds, you don't have time to think, yoMillForceu just see the ground growing farther and farther away. When the train is about to crest the hill, the speed picks up, catching most first-timers off guard. When cresting the hill there is no time to think "here we go" simply because you are already gone. Most people really can not recall the first drop that well... maybe it is because it takes only 2 seconds to travel down the 310 hill or maybe it is the wind in your face from the train traveling at 90+  mphs. What ever it is, you are not in your seat at all going down the first drop. No matter how tight the lap bar is pulled down on you you still feel like you are getting thrown out of seat in Lake Erie (Note: Millennium Force is the smoothest thing in the world, even when it throws you from your seat, it does it in a very smooth way).

       * In 2000 the height to ride was 54 inches but Cedar Point has changed it to 48 inches for the 2001 season

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season: 2000
First Test Run: Mar. 30, 2000
Track Length: 6,595 ft
Lift Height:310 ft. 11 in.
Vertical Drop:300 feet
Angle of Drop:80
# of Bolts: 19,000
# of Construction Workers: 120
# of Footers: 226
Yards of Concrete: 9,400
Wheels Per Train: 120
Designer: Intamin AG
Type: Steel Gigacoaster
Speed:93 mph
Riders Per Hour: 1,200
Price to Build: 25 million
People Per Train: 36
Structure: Steel
Elevator Cable: 1,100 ft.
Truckloads of Steel: 175
# of Track Pieces: 229
# of Wheels: 360
Years to Build/Design: 2
Height to Ride: 48* inches

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