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Blue Streak
      Blue Streak is the oldest (currently operating) roller coaster at Cedar Point. Built in 1964 as a out and back coaster, it was designed by John Allen. Blue Streak was recognized by ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) as a classic coaster.

     In 1995 Cedar Point updated Blue Streak by putting in a new ride computer (replacing the manual brakes), headrests on trains and individual laps bars. The updating made Blue Streak lose the recognition as being a classic coaster. Even with the updated trains the ride is still great. For the 2001 season Blue Streak has been retracked, and is now a "do not miss" ride.

      Seven hills are filled with killer floater airtime. Some people may think Blue Streak is rough, but hey, it is a wooden coaster. http://w

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season:1964
Track Length:2,558 ft
Lift Height:78 ft
Vertical Drop:72 ft
Angle of Drop:45 degrees
Designer: John Allen
Type: Out and Back
Speed:40 mph
Time:1 min.
Riders Per Hour:1,400
People Per Train:26
Height to Ride:48 in.


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