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         KidTrack is a guest service Cedar Point uses to quickly reunite lost children with their parents/guardians with cell phones. The program is outlined below.

1. Visit Guest Service (at the main gate), Resort entrance, Park Operations, or Town Hall and receive a KidTrack wristband. 

2. Write your cell phone number on the wristband/s and place the wristband on the child/ren. 

3. Tell your child/ren to go up to the nearest Cedar Point employee if lost (we recommend you point a few employees out).

4. If a child is lost and goes up to the nearest park employee, that employee will call the cell phone number on the wristband, and will let you know where your child is safety being kept.

Random Notes:

  • The system is FREE!

  • Remember to keep your cell phone turned on so you can reached if separated from your child.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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