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Money Saving Tips
          The cost of a trip to Cedar Point can cost a lot. Perhaps one of the worst things is, many people are to busy having fun they forget how much money they spent. Here is a list of money saving tips.

  • Food -  Whether you stop at an local restaurant or bring your own lunch, you can save a lot of dough. TIP: Stop at a local fast food place in the morning and packed up the food for lunch at the park.

  • Trip Planning - Proper trip planning saves time and money. Even on the way to the park you just decide whether or not you want to go to an sit-down restaurant for dinner, it will save you money and time. The most comprehensive trip planning tool  is Experience The Point: Unofficial Guidebook to Cedar Point.

  • Call 1-800-Best-Fun - for a limited time during the Spring and summer, by calling that number you will receive a large brochure full of coupons.

  • Order a travel guide, and receive coupons for local area restaurants, hotels, attractions and more! Order it here.

  • Tickets - You should never pay full price for a regular ticket into the park. Visit our exclusive: Where to Find Cheap Tickets.

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