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Eating outside the park
         Sandusky, just like many cities have countless restaurants that cater to anyone's taste. Despite the fact that Cedar Point has more than 12 sit-down restaurant, and countless fast food places. Whether you want a big-juicy steak or a steak burger, their sure is a restaurant that will suite your taste. Below is a compiled list of most of the restaurants, in Sandusky on the way to or from Cedar Point, along with what's the restaurant specialty.  

Restaurant's Name


Distance From Park Fast Food/
McDonalds Hamburgars 1 minute Fast Food
East of Chicago Pizza Pizza 1 minute
Thirsty Pony 2 minutes
Pizza Hut Pizza 3 minutes
Cedar Villia 3 minutes
Angelos 4 minutes
Mazzinos 4 minutes
D.J. Sports Bar Bar and Grill 4 minutes
Perkins Pizza 4 minutes
Subway Subs 6 minutes Fast Food
Marcos Pizza Pizza 6 minutes
Ponderosa Steak 6 minutes
Dianna Deli Deli 6 minutes
Jolly Donuts Donuts, Coffee 6 minutes
Sharky's Grill and Bat 7 minutes
Taco Bell Mexican Food 7 minutes Fast Food
El Kio Mexican Food 7 minutes
Friendlys 7 minutes
Burger King Burgars 7 minutes Fast Food
Red Lobster Sea Food 8 minutes
Arbys Roast beef sandwhiches 8 minutes Fast Food
Pizza Hut Pizza 9 minutes
Cracker Barrel Chicken, Breakfast 9 minutes
Max and Ermas Bar & Grill 9 minutes
BW3s 9 minutes
Chi Chils 9 minutes
Wendy's 9 minutes Fast Food
Bob Evans 10 minutes
Big Boy 10 minutes
Lees Chicken Chicken 10 minutes
KFC Chicken 10 minutes Fast Food
Ruby Tuesdays Bar & Grill 10 minutes
Home town buffet Buffet 10 minutes
Steak and Shake Steak Burgers 11 minutes
Outback Steakhouse Steak 11 minutes
Fazoli's 11 minutes
Chilies Bar & Grill 11 minutes
Applebees Bar & Grill 12 minutes
Diary Queen Ice Cream 12 minutes Fast Food

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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