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Soak City Information
           Soak City is a adventure in its self, just like Cedar Point there is a lot to know on Soak City, below is some tips, tricks, and miscellaneous FAQs.  

  • Wear Sunscreen! Despite the fact, for part of the day you will be in water, the sun's rays still go through the water. Nothing can ruin a trip more than a big sun burn! If you forget to bring some, the Surf Shop, located inside the park, sells sunscreen.

  • Swimwear is required! Proper swimwear too!  Street clothes are not permitted inside the park, nor are the jeans, bathing caps, or bathing shoes allowed. Outside Soak City, swimwear must be covered. The Surf Shop sells swimsuits.

  • Measurements for the different ticket prices and attractions at Soak city are taken in bare feet. Despite the height of a person in shoes or sandals, people are measure in bare feet.

  • You can not bring food (including coolers) into Soak City. A picnic shelter is located OUTSIDE the park near the north entrance (near Zoom Flume). You may bring your coolers and or food and eat it there.

  • In order to even enter the area near the Bubble Swim Up Bar, yet alone the pool itself, you must be at least 21 years of age. ID is required.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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