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Rain Plan
            Don't let the water of mother nature ruin your Cedar Point experience! There is still plenty to do even if it is raining. If there is light rain than most of the rides will remain open. In a event of heavy rain or lighting (when it is within 5 miles of the park) or some other storm, most rides will shut down until the storm is at least several miles away from the park. High winds may also cause rides to be down for a certain period of time, depending on the direction the wind blows. Here is a list of some of the most popular "rain-choices":

  • Live E! - Cedar Point has been recognized has having some of the best shows in the amusement park industry. Each show is appromixtly 20-30 minutes long. Visit our complete show guide for more information, including times, for all the shows.

  • Arcades - There are few arcades bigger than the main arcade, located in the coliseum. It has everything from countless, and I mean countless skee-ball allies to Cedar Point ride simulators, to a MTV drum booth.

  • Town Hall Museum - Located in the back of the park near Mine Ride, Town Hall offers a look back at Cedar Point's past. It has everything on display from old maps, postcards, and pictures to old games and carousel horses.

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