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Riding all the rides in one day
             Most people enter the park and follow a certain path: front to back then back to the front. When the parks open, most people enter the park hit Raptor or Top Thrill Dragster first. When the gates first open most people make a mad dash back to Top Thrill Dragster. This dash is known as the “Running of the Bulls.” Other will hit Raptor first since it is in the front of the park.

We recommend that as soon as you enter the park, head back to Millennium Force.  Since most people ride Top Thrill Dragster or Raptor first most other rides don’t have waits. After Millennium Force head towards Mean Streak. The back of the park is usually dead until a hour after opening. Skip Gemini because it never has a long wait (don’t worry we will come back to it). Mean Streak should not have a long wait yet. After Mean Streak head towards Cedar Creek Mine Ride. By the time you hit Mine Ride you will probably notice that the back of the park is starting to get a little more crowded. After Mine Ride it will be about lunchtime and you are in a perfect location for lunch. By Mine Ride there are several different places to get food: Frontier Inn, Stockade, Lust Lill’s Palace, Chuck Wagon, and Frontier Inn.

           After Lunch, it is time to kick you day into full swing with Magnum, Mantis, and Raptor. Start by heading down the Frontier Trail - ride Mantis. After Mantis head towards Iron Dragon and Wildcat, if you have time ride them. Moving along head back down the main midway towards the front of the park and get in line for the big green flying machine – Raptor. The bird of prey’s line should have “cooled down” since most people aren’t in the front of the park. After flying with Raptor head on over to the Blue Streak. Blue Streak is easily overlooked by most people but it is one of the best rides in the park (and it almost always has a short line). After Blue Streak, if time permits, head on over to Disaster Transport. If you hit a long line I suggest skipping Disaster Transport. Hit Wicked Twister - throughout the entire day, Wicked Twister's line is on the short end. After Blue Streak or Disaster Transport, if you are feeling hungry, head on over to the Midway Market which is by Raptor. It is a value priced buffet. Then head back to the back of the park. On your way hit Corkscrew. Then reride Magnum and hit Gemini. Also, for track record, hit Woodstock Express. By that time most people will be heading out so the back of the park should be empty. Every night at ten o’clock Cedar Point puts on a big firework and laser extravaganza near Iron Dragon. During the show is a great time to hit any of the major rides.  http://www.experiencethepoint.com

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