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Opening Day  - 2002
         May 5, 2002 - a long awaited day - the opening of Wicked Twister and the start of another season of summertime fun. Like expected the attendance was at medium status - most likely due to that new thing on the beach (Wicked Twister) and the weather was perfect "Cedar Point weather" - 84 degrees and sunny. Without farther writing here is the lowdown on the rides and the new things for 2002:

  • Raptor: Average Wait: 1 hour - Was running wonderfully and the paintjob it received last year still looks fresh.

  • Blue Streak: Average Wait: 10 minutes - A new paint job really brightens up the ride - as for the ride - as usual wonderful.

  • Disaster Transport: Average Wait: 5 minutes - The ride has been reborn for 2002. As a guest enters the ride's queue, they are given the chance  to purchase 3d glasses( well-worth it). The queue, which is  now filled with some long-lost things such as the "disaster posters" is in complete darkness expect for the different color 3d lights. The ride it self is in complete darkness except for the lift which also has the long-lost red lights back.

  • Wicked Twister: Average Wait: 1.5 hours - Read our full review here.

  • Magnum: Average Wait: 15 minutes - Still a great ride but running a little on the rough side. Airgates have been added in the station.

  • Millennium Force: Average Wait: 1.5 hours - Hasn't quite woken up from the offseason yet: only two trains are on the track, and it is still running a little slow.

  • Mantis: Average Wait: 45 minutes - To  much surprise the trim brakes have been turned off making the ride one of the best!

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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