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Opening Day - 2001
            May 6, 2001. After months of waiting the day finally came, Opening Day. The weather was beautiful ( just a little on the windy side) and the crowds were medium. Below is a quick review of some of the major rides.

Magnum XL 200:
Average Wait: 20 mins.
Even though this ride is 12 years old, it is still the best. It was running smoother than ever. The reworking of the cars and fixing the axels really helped. I was able to be in the first train of the year, in the ejection seat.

Average Wait: Walk On
Gemini is a hidden gem. The ride is full of speed and airtime.

Mean Streak:
Average Wait: 10 mins.
Mean Streak was running great! The trim brakes on the first drop were still on but the ride was way smoother and provided some airtime.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride:
Average Wait: 5 mins.
May not be the biggest ride but it is fun.

Millennium Force:
Average Wait: 1 1/2 hours
Millennium Force is also one of the best. The ride was running a little slow but that didn't ruin the fun. It is still as smooth as glass.

Average Wait: 3/4 hour
Mantis was running great. Still a fun ride.

Average Wait: 3/4 hour
After being down for most of the day due to wind, I was able to take a spin on the bird of prey.  The new paint job looks great and it makes the ride look new. It was running great.

Blue Streak:
Average Wait: Walk on - 5 mins.
Blue Streak is a must ride. The retracking really helped because Blue Streak is way smoother. The ride was running fast and provided airtime on every hill.

      Johnny Rockets was under construction. It will open on May 31.Overall it was a great day. I didn't get to ride every ride but I had a great time. The employees were so well trained that it didn't seem like opening day. Throughout the day different rides were down for mechanical reasons or wind.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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