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How big of a fan are you?

        Do you consider yourself a fan of Cedar Point? Just how big of a fan are you? Just take the little test below. The test is intended to be FUN... don't take anything personal. Check the box if you answer "Yes" to a question.

1 Have you visited Cedar Point?
2 Have you ever visited Cedar Point between closing day and opening day?
3 Have you ever visited Battery Park?
4 Have you ever charted a plane to fly over the park? 
5 Have you ever attended or played in the Red Cross Mini Golf Challenge?
6 Did you ever walk the path by the beach, by Magnum?
7 Have you ridden all the roller coasters at Cedar Point (including Jr. Gemini)?
8 Have you ever stayed overnight for two nights in a row?
9 Have you ever stayed at Hotel Breakers?
10 Did you ever stay at Camper Village?
11 Have you ever stayed at Lighthouse Point?
12 Did you ever stay at Sandcastle Suites?
13 Have you ever docked at the Marina?
14 Did you ever stay at Breakers Express?
15 Did you stay at the Radisson?
16 Did you ever stay at the Radisson during the offseason?
17 Are you a member of a roller coaster/amusement park club?
18 Have you ever visited Soak City?
19 Have you ever bought anything from Cedar Point.Com?
20 Do you visit Cedar Point.Com daily?
21 Did you ever attend CoasterMania?
22 Have you ever attended HalloWeekends?
23 Are you and/or were you a Cedar Point employee?
24 Do you wish to be the general manager? 
25 Do you wish to become a silver tag employee?
26 Are you a silver tag employee?
27 Did you ever get a "Guest Star" button?
28 Have you ever visited the Merry-Go-Round Museum?
29 Have you ever driven on the Chausse?
30 Do you own something from/about Cedar Point from before the '60s?
31 Do you own a copy of the book "Experience The Point"?
32 Do you own a copy of the book " Fun at old Cedar Point"?
33 Do you own a copy of the book "Cedar Point: Queen of American Watering Places"?
34 Have you ever ridden a ride at Cedar Point more than 3 times in one day?
35 Have you ever ridden a ride at Cedar Point  without getting off?
36 Do you visit the Sandusky Register's website daily to check for Cedar Point news?
37 Have you ever attended Cedar Point's opening day?
38 Where you ever on the first train out on opening day?
39 Did you ever visit the park on closing day?
40 Have you ever made a candle at the Candle Shop?
41 Did you ever ride VertiGo?
42 Did you ever ride all the roller coasters at Cedar Point in one day?
43 Have you ever scored over 150 in a Skee-Ball game?
44 Do you own an on-ride photo?
45 Did you ever see a live-show at the Red Garter Saloon?
46 Have you ever seen a movie at the former IMAX theater? 
47 Are you more obsessed with Cedar Point than any other "hobby"?
48 Have you ever visit the Town Hall Museum?
49 Have parked in overflow parking?
50 Have you ever rode a water ride?
51 Have you ever been the first guest at the gates in the morning?
52 Do you wish you could live on the Midway?
53 Have you ever dined at Bay Harbor Inn during the on-season?
54 Have you ever dined at Bay Harbor Inn during the off-season?
55 Has anyone told you that your obsession with Cedar Point isn't normal?
56 Have you ever used your season pass at another Cedar Fair park?
57 Have you ever picked up trash on the midway?
58 Have you ever ridden the Mean Streak brakeless?
59 Do you own something with the Banshee logo?
60 Have you ever created a video at SuperStar Videos?

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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