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Millennium Force cake

What is a great party without a cake or a dessert of some sort. This article will cover how to make a great Millennium Force cake. Just follow the directions below to learn how to make cakes like a pro.

       Things You Need Millennium Force Cake

  • A picture of the Millennium Force logo( It can be found
    on the on ride photo & Cedar Point's website).

  • A cake, of course

  • Access to a copy machine

           Once you have found the Millennium Force logo, take it to your local copy place to have it enlarged to the size of the cake pan you are using. Cut out the logo and place it atop your baked, cooled cake. Next, trim off the excess parts of the cake around the logo. Frost the entire cake white. Using green frosting outline the top part of the cake. Then, using the same color green, write your message on the main part of the cake. In this case the cake was for a birthday party and the person was turning 13 years old. On the sides on the cakes you could write your own messages or Millennium Force facts.

 Millennium Force Cake Millennium Force Cake




    These are the basics of making a Millennium Force cake. You could replace the Millennium Force logo with other ride/park logos. Good Luck on making your very own Millennium Force cake. If you use this cake or have any ideas on how to make this cake better, let us know!

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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