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French Fries
       Prehaps one of the greatest things to eat in between riding the world's greatest collection of rides and attractions is a good old French Fries. Now I am not taking about the plain old, salty, greasy fast food French Fries, I am taking about the world-renown (ok maybe not world renown but they are sure popular) "Potato French Fries." For those who haven't got to experience these fries, they are big, juicy, potato skin fries that are twice as big as your average "fast-food" fry. Certainly no trip to the Po!nt is complete without one of these fries, which come in a variety of toppings. Unlike some may think, these fries, like Cedar Point have a long and tasteful history.

     The "Potato Skin Fries" were first developed by the Berardi family during the '40s. During that time, people cooked and sold their own food at Cedar Point on landed they rented from the park.  The fries were sold popular that in order to focus on fries, the Berardi stopped selling their sandwiches.  Park plans during the late '60s called for Cedar Point to buy out all the stands at the park. The French Fries are still one of the only "old" things that are still sold today.

    Even during the offseason, one may still experience the wonderful taste of these French Fries. Currently there is a restaurant located near the park, that serves the fries, right from the original recipe.

The Details:

  • Family Restaurant

  • Located minutes from Cedar Point

  • Serves the big "Potato Skin Fries" from Cedar Point

Driving Directions

The restaurant is located at:

       Berardis Family Restaurant
       218 Cleveland Rd E. 
       Huron, OH. 44839
       (419) 433-4123

  That is approximately 10 miles away from Cedar Point. 

  • On the turnpike, get off at exit 250. Once on 250, head north until you reach Cleveland Road.  Take Cleveland Road east for about 8 miles until Cleveland road and US 6 spilt, go on US 6 and take that for about 4 miles.

  • On 2, get off at US 6 HURON exit. There is two exits for US 6 on 2(one on one side of Sandusky and one on the other). Make sure you get off at the HURON one (which is the one on the east side of Sandusky). Head north for about a 2 miles(throught downtown).

Berardis Family Restaurant is located in downtown Huron on the south side of the road. Note: If you head east over the Huron River (a small river in downtown) you have it is at the end of the bridge.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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