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Red Cross Golf - 2001
         May 2, 2001. I headed on over to Cedar Point to take part in the Red Cross Mini Golf Challenge. The weather was great, low 80's and sunny. First thing I noticed on my way to the event is Raptor's paint job. Raptor looks brand new. Next I noticed Lighthouse Point. If you haven't made reservations make them now because Lighthouse Point is so nice. The time was about 3:30 and EVERY ride was testing. When I headed over to Challenge Golf, I saw the new Magnum trains. It looks like Cedar Point replaced the whole white shell on the cars.
       This year was the event's tenth anniversary. Over the years the golf challenge raised over 60,000 dollars for the Red Cross. The golf challenge itself only took about two hours. I was on the "Media Team". My team consisted of Don Miears, former the general manger of Cedar Point (retired in 2001), Jim Hofmann, who is the publisher of the Sandusky Register (the local newspaper) and his wife, Lori Hofmann. We did pretty good. We were under par the whole game. That wasn't good enough because we were not even in the top ten teams. Many door prizes were given away and a Hotel Breakers room was raffled off. Cedar Point were GREAT hosts of this event. When a golfer entered the event their hand was stamped which allowed them to get free food during the event. Also Cedar Point opened Challenge Park's go carts for free. It was great to see that Cedar Point took time to host such a great event.

I would like to thank Jim and Lori(who carried the team)Hofmann and Don Miears  for being my teammates. Also I would like to thank Judy Kinzel and everyone from the Red Cross making such a wonderful event.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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